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At his practice, Dr. Redd provides the most advanced dental crowns available. These ceramic crowns can assist patients throughout the Tampa, FL area and provide durability, protection, and a natural look.

Ceramic Crowns Q & A

What are crowns?

Dental crowns are artificial tooth devices which are secured to the top of a person’s tooth or used to top a dental implant. Crowns are meant to be permanent and cannot be taken off. The purpose of a crown is to cap or go over the top of, a decayed or damaged tooth. Crowns can also assist teeth to look straighter and can improve their overall appearance. Crowns are provided by the office are constructed from ceramic and can be tinted to match the color of an individual’s teeth, providing a very natural-looking result.

Why are crowns used by Dr. Redd?

Crowns are used by the dentist to:

  • Cap a tooth which has undergone root canal therapy
  • Replace a large filling
  • Cover a stained or misshaped tooth
  • Secure a bridge or top a dental implant
  • Strengthen a weak tooth

When cared for properly, crowns should last quite a while. However, they can loosen or become damaged. If this occurs, Dr. Redd can repair the crown or replace it with a new one.

What are E-max crowns?

An E-max crown is a type of ceramic crown which is chosen by many patients because it provides excellent aesthetic appeal and is very durable. These types of crowns are made from a piece of lithium disilicate ceramic which is a particularly high-grade substance known for its strength and durability. These look more like a natural tooth because they have superior color matching qualities. They are a popular choice thanks to the nearly transparent coloring. These specialty crowns blend in very well with neighboring teeth. These crowns also do not use metal alloys which eliminate the grayish line surrounding the bottom edge of the crown. It is also extremely unlikely that they will chip or crack. To decide which type of crown will suit your unique situation and to determine if E-max crowns are the best choice, scheduled a consultation with the dentist. Dr. Redd will talk with you about the problems you have been experiencing and the treatments available. The office can also provide information about insurance.