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As a leading provider of cosmetic dentistry treatments, the practice can offer patients many options designed to brighten and whiten teeth. Those in and around Tampa, FL can undergo Zoom teeth whitening services which use only the most effective, safest techniques from Dr. Redd.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why do teeth yellow?

The most common reason teeth look yellow is because of eating and drinking tea, coffee, berries, and other similar items which stain teeth. However, many factors can cause discoloration and yellowing. Tobacco use and smoking often produces the most intense discoloration. There are many different treatments utilized by a dentist to whiten teeth. In some instances, the staining is located on the interior of the tooth. This can be the result of an impact to the tooth, taking particular medicines for an extended amount of time, and having many dental procedures repeatedly performed on the same tooth. In these situations, internal bleaching treatments, a crown, or a veneer will be needed to correct the problem.

How is Zoom whitening performed?

Before the whitening, the dentist will need to check the teeth and gums for any damage or decay. If any concerns arise, they will be treated and cleaned before the bleaching process. Zoom whitening used a sophisticated, light activated gel made with hydrogen peroxide to lighten teeth. This gel works when it is activated by a unique light and removes stains or yellowing. The patient’s lips will be held back with a retainer to ensure that each tooth is coated evenly with whitening gel and exposed to a special light. The treatment takes about 15 minutes. Once completed, the gel is wiped away, and the lip-retainer is removed. Patients can see results right away.

Is it safe?

At the office, the whitening methods used by Dr. Redd have been researched and perfected to ensure they brighten teeth without causing any damage. These are established, innovative teeth whitening treatments which provide people with the best possible whitening effects. They also do not cause any unwanted side effects. Tooth sensitivity can occur following the procedure. However, this will resolve quickly and any sensitivity experienced will be minimal.